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Privacy policies

1. General

i. BuyFi is the product of Ratechsu solutions private Ltd.

ii. User login through Facebook/ Gmail is secured and only relevant data that were required will be collected from this account.

iii. BuyFi may collect the following information from customers: Name, Email Id, Mobile numbers, photos and Registration certificate etc. to serve you better.

iv. BuyFi takes this information to provide better quality trust worth service.

v. BuyFi uses this information to bring you better offers and promotions about our services and this information can be shared to other beneficial companies, which will serve you better.

vi. BuyFi may contact you with this information by user.

vii. BuyFi may track your details and store your information that you are provided and your BuyFi transaction history also. However, this information will not be used for any Illegal purposes.

viii. BuyFi is not responsible in case of any theft, Robbery, Misconduct of any party, NonPayment by customer to Business Partner, Fake confirmations etc.

ix. In case of any default, BuyFi appoints the third party member whose is capable to enter in to contract as per Indian contact Act, 1872.

x. Upon the appointment of third party, the enquiry has to be made and the Judgment given by third party will be final.

xi. In case of any dissatisfaction or these were governed by the law of India and any disputes arising in relation to these terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Vishakhapatnam

2. Payment:

i. Customer makes the payment to Retailer/Dealer/ Service Provider only for the product or service that he availed.

ii. The BuyFi will not interfere in any transactions between any of them.

iii. BuyFi is not responsible for any of the payment issues like non-payment of service availed, not carrying money, charging extra money, fraud, fake notes etc.

3. Security:

i. Notwithstanding anything that contained in terms and conditions or in privacy policies, BuyFi hereby disclaims that BuyFi is not liable for any liability arising from Id verifications that were provided by other party, which also includes originality, Accuracy.

4. Cookies:

i. Cookies ask your permission to place on your disk about your activities on the internet. This does not contain any personal information that you submit.

ii. We use log cookies to track the process and allowing BuyFi to make improvements based on your usage data

iii. When you close the browser, access to cookies terminates automatically. You can choose to accept or decline the cookies.

iv. If you choose not to accept the cookies, this will not affect the browsing of site. However, you cannot use our full service.

5. Other sites:

i. Our website or App may contain links of other websites. If you use these links to access, we do not have control over other sites. Moreover, we are not responsible for any grievances, privacy and protection.

6. Notification:

i. Whenever there is an update or change in privacy policies or Terms and conditions ensure that, you are aware of the information that is updated in all aspects.

7. Contact us:

i. In case of any queries relating to your personal information, privacy policies, you can write us at admin@BuyFi.in